1800 dating line

04 Aug

You tell us your budget and what type of users you want to reach, and we’ll do the rest.It has many photos of swatches of original cotton fabrics that are organized by color schemes as well as years.I have borrowed this book on occasion and finally decided to add it to my resource library.I have known about this book since it first came out in 1998.It is a valuable resource for any historical dressmaker or costumer.

Learning about where some of the fabrics were originally produced is a story in itself, and the author does a great job pulling it all together.If you are trying to date your vintage quilt, and find out about it's history..is the book for you.For each period, Eileen Trestain gives us fascinating information about how textiles were made, dyes were used and prints created in the making of fabrics during that time period.-Anne Johnson, 2001 This book is like a dictionary of the decades of fabric used in quilting.The 1830-1860 and the 1860-1880's swatches have helped me identify fabrics to use for Civil War reenactment.Truly a great resource for anyone interested in reproducing or identifying historical quilts.Trestain devotes a chapter to each of six different eras: pre1830, the settling of the West, the first centennial, the turn of the century, the Roaring Twenties, the Depression, and World War II.